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41-12-xx Uncle Fletcher's Train Trip to Dixon


Uncle Fletcher's just gotten back from Dixon and he tells the family about the trip up and back  and about the people he saw in Dixon.
Though he mixes a few things up, Uncle Fletcher's stories are legendary.


+ Uncle Fletcher has made it a life-long practice to give railroad conductors something to nibble on as it puts them in a good humor.

+ McClellan was Uncle Fletcher's conductor on the train coming back from Dixon. He ate one and a half chocolate cupcakes Fletcher gave him.

+ People that Uncle Fletcher saw while in Dixon: Cooley Miller, Art Sykes, Vern Adams, Cliff Dirtshirt and his brother Charlie Dirtshirt.

+ Cliff Dirtshirt is planning on moving to Baltimore, Delaware. When he gets there, he plans on marrying a girl 31 years old and they will go into the live bait business. As a sideline, he will take on piano pupils as he plays the piano.

+ Reasons for Cliff Dirtshirt taking up the piano:
  • Snow storm 
  • Complete stranger came up to him on the street and tried to sell him tennis shoes
  • His cousin married a girl 16 and a half years old
  • He read in the paper where a fellow lived in Philadelphia, Ohio and took an automobile apart with a hairpin
+ Lathe Montgomery used to be a waterboy for the railroad gang in Dixon. He now lives in Des Moines, Kansas. He married a woman 22 years old. He went into the non-removable varnish business. He was working on an an invention to keep lawnmowers getting clogged up with grass in weather.

+ Uncle Fletcher brought back a leather sofa cushion filled with genuine Missouri sand. It was gathered from the banks of the Mississippi River near Hannibal. It weighs close to 60 pounds.

+ He brought back a leather dresser scarf with, "The big catfish are biting in the slews behind LaCrosse, Wisconsin, Uncle Ted" written on it.

+ He also brought back a horsehair watch fob that was made by Cliff Dirthshirt.

+ Uncle Fletcher refers to Sade twice in this episode when it was actually Rush talking to him.

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