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42-07-xx Mr Chinbunny Eats Ice Cream


Sade and Rush sit on the front porch swing and watch Mr. Chinbunny over at Freda's old house eating ice cream. He eats it with such delight and exagerration that the family sees it as being fake.

Meanwhile, Vic is on the phone to Rishigan Fishigan and finds out about a publication that lists parades all over the United States. He wants to subscribe to it but Sade and Rush can't see the point in it.
The funny part of the episode is listening to Vic treat parades as though he is Mr. Chinbunny eating an ice cream. Vic just loves a good parade - and apparently, so does Rishigan Fishigan.


+ Sade mentions Mis' McCall from Dixon. She exaggerates her expression to show how much she likes things.

+ Vic picked this story up from Rishigan Fishigan:  One man marched in 5 parades in 5 cities within a space of 96 hours. Marching along in his 5th parade, he fell exhausted to the pavement and died. The National Parade Lovers intend to erect a statue to him as soon as they raise $10,000. As of now, they only have 85 cents in their treasury.

+ We find that LeRoy Snow plays the violin. 

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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