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42-02-18 Edith Suggins' Visit

An imagined photo of Rollie and Edith

Edith (maiden name is Suggins) and her husband Rollie have just been by to visit Sade. Edith was a friend from Dixon.

Edith might have been confused as she kept referring to Vic as "Hector." She also thought he had lost a leg and a was in the hay and grain business.
Vic recalls Edith as being fat but Sade says she is slim now; perhaps as bodies can change, so can memories.


+ Since Edith is married to Rollie, her last name is no longer 'Suggins;' however, Sade didn't remember the new last name. As a matter of fact, Rush says that Sade almost completely ignored Rollie.

+ Not only did Vic remember Edith as being fat but also recalled her chewing a whole pack of gum at one time. Sade also recalled that she used to have gold teeth up front but now they are white.

Joliet, Michigan City and the surrounding area
+ Edith and Rollie are from Kentucky and are eventually en route to Michigan City, Indiana; they are also going to Joliet, Illinois and that's why they were able to give Sade a visit.

+ Rush heard the two gabbing women tell a story about Alton Fishum, a fellow from Dixon; seems his mother made him a pair of corduroy pants and he wouldn't wear them. His father tried to make him wear them but Alton was so upset that he ran away from home as he figured he was 44 years old and had a mind of his own. But they caught him in Des Moines, Iowa and he's now wearing corduroy pants and liking it.

+ Rush tells Vic that Edith never shut up the whole time she was there.

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