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42-02-19 Uncle Fletcher Comes to Visit


Joe Liefers, the "slow poke"
Uncle Fletcher's room at Mis' Keller's boarding house is being painted and so he asks if he can shack up with the Gooks for a few days.

This is no problem for the Gooks but they soon might worry about this as Uncle Fletcher practically pushes them out of the house so that he may have the davenport all to himself.
Not a lot is going on in this episode. Uncle Fletcher is not full of stories and nothing crazy happens. Uncle Fletcher does seem to want everyone to leave though as he gives Rush money for the Bijou (Rush has already seen the film) and practically pushes Vic and Sade out to the Stembottom house for a game of "500."

Uncle Fletcher tells the Gooks he has plans of taking off his shoes and stretching out on the davenport with the newspaper, something Vic earlier said he had plans to do!


+ Joe Liefers is mentioned for the first time. He's the painter that is painting Uncle Fletcher's room. He's referred to as a "slow poke, lame brain."

+ Vic had been at the Purple Room of the Butler House Hotel with Mr. Buller. Recall they took in a meal there together at least once before.

+ Arnie Hokum from Belvidere was mentioned for the first time. The story behind him is cryptic, at best: At the barbershop, getting a haircut, Arnie had the feeling something was missing...

+ In the past, Uncle Fletcher has moments where he has been confusing Rush with Sade. In this episode, there is a time he confuses Sade for Rush.

+ Though he's sleeping over the Gooks for a few days, he insists on eating his meals at Mis' Keller's rooming house.

+ Uncle Fletcher gets up at 5:30 each morning.

+ We find out that is costs 15 cents for Rush to get into the Bijou. It may cost more for adults.

+ Fred and Ruthie Stembottom were referred to as "Ted and Gertie" by Uncle Fletcher.

+ Sound is very bad the first two and half minutes then, whatever it is, disappears, making the last 7 minutes or so, quite listenable.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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