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42-02-24 Rawhide Shoestrings


Uncle Fletcher: Don't forget... you're dealing with rawhide!

Uncle Fletcher is still visiting the Gooks and is ready to go to bed...but once upstairs, he realizes his new rawhide shoestrings are each in a terrible knot and he can't get his shoes off.

The family is tired but can't retire for the evening until they help Uncle Fletcher remove his shoes and he objects to cutting the laces.
It's really hard to understand Uncle Fletcher and Vic in this episode. This is an episode that only the very diehard fan will even attempt to listen to as the sound is horrible and it's not even the most horrible sound found in a Vic and Sade episode.


+ At the beginning of the episode, Vic is away playing indoor horseshoes.

+ Rush is reading from a Third Lieutenant Stanley novel; the plot seems to revolve around counterfeiting voice teachers!

+ The rawhide shoestrings that Uncle Fletcher has in his shoes cost him 15 cents for the pair.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Hobie Rankers from Sycamore Creek who went into the copper-plated mattress business and then disappeared in the state of Oklahoma for 11 years. He invented iron shoestrings and provided every customer a hammer and an anvil. He estimated it would take the average person an hour and a quarter to lace up their iron shoestrings.

+ Uncle Fletcher also tells the story of Atterberry Hippins from Belvidere who went into the salted house paint business. Moved to Fargo (South Dakota!) and married Melvarina Adkins, who was 16 years old. She wore a size 2 shoe on her left foot and a size 6 ½ on the other foot. She would always have to buy 2 pair of shoes and throw away a left-footed shoe and a right-footed shoe.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. I know the sound quality is horrible, but listening is worth it for the one moment where, when Vic gets one shoestring untied, and Uncle Fletcher says "You conquered the rawhide! He conquered the rawhide!" and tired exasperated Sade mutters "Conquer the other rawhide now." Made me burst out laughing the first time I heard it.

  2. Janet,

    Thanks for the comment.

    If only the sound were better!