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42-03-06 Tornado Gook


Vic is excited because there is a write-up about him in the new Kitchenware Quarterly magazine. However, his excitement is quickly subdued when he finds the editors have again botched his picture. And while his biographical sketch starts out promising, it soon descends into a pit of embarrassment.
Poor Vic! Anytime a biographical sketch is involved, he winds up getting the short end of the stick.

Another horrible-sounding episode.


+ The photo of Vic in the Kitchenware Quarterly is actually of a bald man holding up a sign that says #786. The family debates whether or not the man is a convict.

+ Beneath the photo it says, "MEET A STRAIGHT SHOOTER FROM PLANT 14."  Below that is says, "They grow them big, rough, tough and honest out there in the Middle West."

+ The article about Vic is read. It goes something like this:
Extend your hand to the printed page, friend, and press the hand of Victor R. Gook, the most competent and all-around good fellow as you'll meet in the whole confounded organization.
He's no namby pamby milk [unintelligible] momma's boy, this customer; around Plant 14 the lads call him "Tornado."

Don't stand too close to the guy wire folks or you might get burnt.

He plays the game hard but he plays it fair. A man's man, old Tornado Gook.

Although standing only 4' 11" tall, Vic Gook is quite an athlete specializing in the broad jump and the hammer throw.

He was born in Fort Washington, Wisconsin on December the 12th...

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