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42-03-09 Uncle Fletcher's Unopened Letter


Sade gets a postal card from her sister Bess which she tries to read but Uncle Fletcher keeps butting in to the extent that Sade finally gives up. Uncle Fletcher mentions he has a letter from Bess in his pocket that's remained unopened since he got it, exactly one month prior!
While not being rude, Uncle Fletcher is socially impossible with his bad hearing and wondering mind.

The unopened letter from Bess will remind the avid Vic and Sade fan of the episode 40-12-23 Bess' Letter from 1937, where Vic had accidentally put away a letter from Bess in his checkered suit and Sade found it more than 3 years later (and also recall that in that particular episode, Walter had done the same thing with a letter from Sade.) This episode makes the whole "forgotten letter" thing something of a phenomenon.

Another of the very hard-to-understand episodes because of bad sound.


+ When Sade asks Uncle Fletcher if he wants to hear the postal card from Bess, Uncle Fletcher tells her, "No."

+ According to the postal card from Bess, her daughter Euncie has learned to cross over with her hands and to use the loud pedal in her piano practicing.

+ We find out that Walter and Bess have the last name of Helfer.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Arnie Hunkerman from Belvidere, who made all of his wife's clothes. He left Belvidere in 1913 and moved to Farmington, Minnesota and went into the ? ? business and later died.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Luke Backer from Belvidere. He married a woman 15 years old, moved to Texas and went into the chocolate-flavored Band-aid(?) business.

+ Uncle Fletcher again tells a story, this one of Oaf Beverly, who married a woman 34 years old, paid the expenses of having all of her teeth extracted, moved to Wash River, Kentucky. Then went into the corduroy looking glass business and later died.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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  1. Thanks so much for all the wonderful work you all have done with such a dear show.
    In my listening to this episode, I think I hear chocolate-flavored sandpaper instead of chocolate flavored bandaids. Neither one sounds like a very good prospect for a great business! In the words of Bess, "Ha-ha".