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42-06-08 A Letter from Bess (Sleepy)


Sade pressures Vic into reading another boring letter from her sister Bess. He doesn't want to do it.  To make things worse, he fall asleep.
Seems as though every other week there is a letter or postal card from Bess. It wouldn't be so bad if there was some exciting news in there but the best that Bess can do is tell stories of Euncie's piano practicing and tidbits about her neighbors.


+ Euncie is learning to play a new song - Little Redskin Comanche Sweetheart of Mine. During the song she gets to hammer on top of the piano with her fists and also lets out an Indian war hoot. When she does this, it scares Walter.

+ Euncie's piano teacher is now Mis' Snell; in the letter from 1937 that Vic has stashed away in his checkred suit, Euncie's teacher was Agnes Peterson.

+ Mrs. Guffer is mentioned in the letter from Bess. She lives across the street from the Helfer family. She wore/broke in Bess' shoes over a weekend in Freeport.

+ Mis' Frostscum is mentioned. She's another neighbor of the Helfer's who thought Vic was distinguished-looking when she saw him on the Gook's last visit through Carberry.

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