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42-07-16 A Gross of Gravels


Sade: 144 gravels... Gravels don't wear out!

Sade finds out that Fred Stembottom is making her a gross (144) of gavels for Christmas (to use at the Thimble Club) and wants Vic to talk to Fred about the idiocy of such a thing.
Sade calls the gavels, "gravels" and no matter how often she is told she has it wrong, she just keeps trudging on and using that word.

The underlying joke is that she calls Fred "obstinate" and "stubborn" when she is acting the same way about the word, "gravel!"


+ Harry McWilliams is mentioned. He owns a wood shop on the west side of town. He is friends with Fred and gave him the scrap wood to make the gavels from.

+ Rush mentions some sort of lodge punishment ritual that can be found in Volume 7 of Vic's lodge library. However, it's impossible to tell if he is joking or not and Vic is no help helping us decide. I'm going to assume Rush was kidding and won't include it (for now) in the lodge section of the blog.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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