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42-08-20 Telephone Call From the Hinks


Sade and Rush must field a most unusual telephone call from Robert and Slobert Hink and their odd wives, their brothers and their girlfriends.

A terrific and very funny episode, especially the first time you hear it but still laugh-out-loud funny the next few times as well. If the wacky names in the phone conversation won't get you rolling on the floor, the fact that everyone on the telephone thinks Rush is a girl and wants to know how much "she" weighs naked will.

I rank this as one of the funniest episodes; perhaps the best of the lot.


+ Smelly Clark is standing on his head when he calls Rush.

+ The following new characters are introduced in this episode: Bertie and Dirty Hink (younger brothers of Robert and Slobert and just initiated into the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way in Hoopston, Illinois), Bessie and Messy Hink (wives of Robert and Slobert) and Cupid and Stupid Golfbake.

+ This is not the first time the Hinks have called and talked to just Sade and Rush.  There is at least another episode, prior to this one where nearly the same events occurred - but it's one of the missing episodes.

+ Everyone in the Hink household who talks to Rush seem to think he's a girl named, "Ruth." Recall that H.K. Fleeber also thinks Rush is a girl.

+ Sade and Rush feel as though the Hinks must be rich as they can make long-distance telephone calls, send long telegrams and have a lawnmower costing $300.

+ According to Rush, Vic is away on a long business trip. This was during the time Art Van Harvey was missing from the show for a long while because of a heart ailment of some sort.

+ Sade reveals to Bessie that she has blue eyes. We knew this already. She also says she weighs 127 pounds.

+ Rush reveals his eyes are either blue or hazel and weighs 118 pounds stripped.

Rush and Sade discuss the living arrangements at the Hink household: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. Ok, I am willing to admit I laughed out loud at this episode, but at the same time thinking "I REALY shouldn't be laughing at this!" :)

    The fact that Rush was devilishly enjoying himself at the Hink's misunderstanding that he's a girl sort of masks the fact that these guys thought they were asking a 14 year old girl what she weighs naked.

    Let's face it, it's just kind of creepy!