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42-08-24 Rush's New School Clothes


Sade wants Rush to meet her downtown in the afternoon so she can purchase school clothes for him while they are on sale.

We already know that Rush hates having his mom pick out school clothes and Rush also knows that enemy-friend-enemy Nicer Scott is going to be shopping for his own school clothes by himself this same afternoon, ready to razz him for having his "mommy" pick out his school clothes for him.

It gets worse as Rush finds out a myriad of Sade's lady friends are also going with them plus Mildred Tisdale.
Middle-of-the road episode with not much going on. The episode, however, features great sound.


+ Rush had been playing baseball before he came home. This time, he was playing left field. In previous episodes he has played pitcher, 1st base and 3rd base.

+ Rogers department store was mentioned for the first time.

+ Mr. Scott, Mis' Goffers and Mis' Tisdale were mentioned for the first time. Little was said of them although Mis' Goffers and Mis' Tisdale (Margaret's mother) were to go on the shopping trip and Mr. Scott is Nicer's dad.

+ For the first time in the surviving episodes (I think) Sade calls Rush, "Dr. Sleech."

+ As of this episode we learn that Mildred is 13 years old.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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