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42-09-15 The Silent March


Vic gets a letter in the mail from his lodge buddy, H.K. Fleeber.

Since the last time we heard about the All-Star Marching Team, there appears to be a bit of a turnover. Gone are I. Edson Box and Harry Fie; they have been replaced by E. Tyson Stoogie and Hermie Wermie!

Can the disintegrated Marching Team make a comeback?  Fleeber has some new ideas...
It's hard to believe that I. Edson Box and Harry Fie were replaced. I suppose we'll never know why for sure.


+ Roughly the first minute and a half of the episode is missing. In this missing time I'm pretty sure that Rush has been asked by Vic to name off all the members of the All-Star Marching Team.

+ Two new people were mentioned but no explanation of why or who they are: Mis' Moorehouse and Harry Winnie.

+ H.K. Fleeber's personal stationary letterhead has changed since we last heard about it. In addition to the misleading, "Grovelman, South Carolina - the geographic center of the United States" banner, the new letterhead claims that Fleeber is the "First white child born in Grovelman, South Carolina."

Mysteriously, the Fleeber letterhead also contains a depiction of a volcano!

+ The letter from H.K. Fleeber describes both E. Tyson Stoogie and Hermie Wermie as "hearty, intelligent and resourceful."

+ We find out in this episode that J.J.J.J. Stunbolt and Y.Y. Flirch live in a tent (presumably, the same tent) on a vacant lot.

+ This is not the first letter than Vic has gotten from H.K. Fleeber.

+ The episode has "sound bleed" from the tape it was transferred from. It's annoying but it's not so horrible that you can't enjoy the episode, which has nice sound otherwise.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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