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42-10-01 Cherry Phosphates


Rotten Davis, the 19 year-old neighborhood showoff, has found a friend in Rush and Vernon Peggles when he buys a 50 gallon barrel of cherry syrup that is to be kept hooked-up at The Greek's confectionery counter.

Rotten is giving away cherry phosphates to one and all as many as you can drink. Rush and Vic figure that the 50 gallon barrel of syrup will make a stomach-turning 12,000 drinks!
A fun episode that finds Vic (in particular) in a very cheery (no pun intended) mood. His mood and Rush sounding like the 1938-9 variety, makes for some great entertainment.


+ Vic is reading from Volume 7 of his lodge library when the episode begins.

+ Rush and Vernon were at the YMCA earlier in the evening watching the fat men play handball -- but they left when the thin fellows started playing.

+ The 50 gallon barrel of cherry syrup was acquired from The Greek (who had gotten it by mistake) for an undisclosed amount of money.

+ Both Rush and Vernon drink 5 cherry phosphates each.

+ The Greek's confectionery has a screen door.

Vic's not joking... {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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