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42-10-20 Fred's Concrete Floor


Under the guise of a game of "500" and using such amenities as warm lemonade and the fun of bossing around youngsters, Fred Stembottom tries to trick Vic into helping him lay down a fresh concrete floor in his garage.
When Vic finds out what Fred is up to, he will have none of it. After all, Fred has pulled similar tricks in the past.


+ In the past, Fred has tried to trick Vic into changing all of his tires (a non-surviving episode) and to "Tear down a solid oak partition in his basement" - according to Vic. But Vic's memory must be playing tricks on him because in the episode 41-07-xx Fred's Concrete Partition it clearly was a concrete partition and not one of solid oak.

+ Vic had mentioned that when he was on his long business trip, he was subjected to warm lemonade in Dubuque, Iowa. Fred clearly misunderstood Vic's sarcasm and had promised "Gallons of warm lemonade" for helping with the concrete floor.

+ Living next door to the Stembottoms are the Jordle family. Two boys live there, Marvin (age 8) and Carolyn (age 11.) They were to help Fred and Vic and Fred even said Vic could boss them around: {{{HEAR}}}

+ Oddly, Rush is not in this episode and neither Fred nor Vic mention him as a possible helper.

+ To get out of doing the work (and the game of "500") Vic calls Fred up and says he is going to take some trained rattlesnakes to Seattle overnight; he will return via a high-powered motorcycle...

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