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43-08-20 Picking Up Vic in Fred's Car


Vic is coming into town on the train and Fred and Ruthie Stembottom have volunteered to drop by, get Sade and then go get Vic and his luggage.

Russell is roaring like a panther to go but space in the car is scarce.

The story then gets really complicated as Mis' Harris calls for her roomer, Mr. Sludge, who needs a ride to the train depot to pick up his arriving mother and two sisters who are coming to visit him. Uncle Fletcher then shows up but Sade shuts him down before he tries to think about asking  if he can go.

Then we find out that the Stembottom's neighbors, the Yapps, are going too. Finally, Sade just gives in to the Stembottom mantra of, "the more the merrier" and invites Russell and her uncle along.
A typical Vic and Sade plot in which Paul Rhymer takes something simple like picking up Vic at the train depot and makes it ridiculous by putting anywhere from 7 to 12 people in a single car!

To Train Depot Coming Home from Train Depot
Fred Fred
Ruthie Ruthie
Sade Sade
Mr. Sludge Vic and his luggage
Mr. Yapp Mis'. Yapp
Mis' Yapp Mr. Sludge's mother and her luggage
Russell Mr. Sludge's sister and her luggage
Uncle Fletcher Mr. Sludge's other sister and her luggage


Uncle Fletcher

perhaps Mr. Ruebush


+ Vic's been gone for two weeks.

+ For the first time, we hear Russell call Sade, "Mom" and she calls him, "Willie." Not Rush but Rush-like.

+ This is the 3rd time we have heard Fred's car horn.

+ Mr. and Mis' Horner are mentioned as being neighbors to the Stembottoms.

+ Mr. and Mis' Yapp are mentioned as being next door neighbors to the Stembottoms.

+ Isabel Gilmer was mentioned by Sade as an old chum of hers from Wisconsin.

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