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43-09-20 Fifty Photos of Vic


Vic's dentistry photos are going to be published in a magazine.

The photos were available to him so he bought 50 photos of himself with his mouth open for the sum of $12.50.
So-so material here. This episode is noted for Uncle Fletcher mentioning so many names and being a little more out of his head than usual.


+ Uncle Fletcher complained about having to sit on a board on top of Mr. Gumpox's wagon. Sade says she has an old cushion that says, "My name is Howard T. McWilliamson" on it that she will give him.

+ Charlie Husher is seen outside playing; in this episode he is 6 years old. In a previous episode in 1941, he was 3 years old meaning that while he was growing up, Rush stayed at the same age of 14 years old.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Martin Jordle.  Uncle Fletcher says he tried to invent a violin you play by mouth. He and his wife Alvira have the following children: Marvin, Carolyn, Eva, George, Thomas, Richard and Pauline. The whole family ran barefoot and carried a baked apple pie from Kingston to Dekalb, Illinois in 6 minutes!

+ Vic calls Uncle Fletcher, "Doctor Sleech"; Uncle Fletcher thinks Vic says, "Hector Speech."

Ish Kabibble (circa 1950)
+ In passing, Vic utters, (or at least to me - SOUNDS LIKE - "Ish Kabibble."

Kabibble was a real fellow (although that was his stage name). He was a comedian and musician in vaudeville, radio, movie and television.

+ Not only did Vic have 50 photos taken of himself with his mouth open, but so did his co-worker, Lolita di Rienzi. He bought 12 of her photos and she bought 12 of his. It was not said if she was going to be in the magazine too, but we can suspect she was.

+ Here's a list of people Uncle Fletcher mentions in this episode: Harry Hunch from Dixon, Bert Doofer from Cordova, Roy Dejectedly from Dixon, Ernie Shatwell from Union Grove, Anabell Urch from Kofax, Myrtle McStalt from Cropsey, Henry Ichfeed from Winona. All of these are first time audio mentions along with the aforementioned Marvin, Carolyn, Eva, George, Thomas, Richard and Pauline Jordle.

Uncle Fletcher is kind of mad at Vic: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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