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43-09-xx Russell Tenders His Resignations


Before school even starts, Russell writes letters to various school clubs he's joined, resigning, in order to form the notion that he's going to spend all of his time concentrating on school duties.
A reworking of the script from 39-10-xx Rush I Hereby Resign From..., this time with Russell resigning rather than Rush.

Some of the clubs are very, very similar and some are completely different.

This episode pales in comparison to it's predecessor; Russell is alright but he's certainly no Rush.


+ Russell mentions at least four of the club leaders (teachers?) and none of them correlate with the club leaders that Rush had. They are as follows:
Public Library Younger Boys Research Club - William Hinkert
Kelsey Street Athletic Association - Harry Hontin
Fellowship of Part-time Ushers - Franklin Block
Fraternity of Football Fanatics - Elton Braddum
+ The family comes up with four made-up names of clubs:
Sewage Disposal Workers Semi-Classical Silver Cornet Band
Chicago-Alton Luxury Club
Wednesday Afternoon Doll Baby Group
Young People's Singing Society
+ When the telephone rings, Russell thinks "It might be the guy who calls for Fat (Jackson.") He must be calling a lot in the missing episodes.

+ Raymond Surrells seems to be (so far) Russell's best friend.

+ Oyster Cracker (Russell's friend) was mentioned for the first time.

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  1. "Russell is alright but he's certainly no Rush."

    amen, brother, amen!

  2. oh, and i should have added--

    it's almost unfair to david whitehouse to have him do what amounts to a remake of the earlier show with rush. it puts in all too stark a light the contrast between he and bill idelson.

    back then, with no reruns, i'm sure few listeners even remembered the earlier show with rush by the time this one aired. but today, listening to the two programs back to back is very revealing of what was lost when idelson left for the navy.

  3. Thanks for your comment (I love the comments...)

    You are exactly right; it's obvious the starkness between Whitehouse and Idelson in this episode. As Whitehouse goes along, you do hear his acting improving, I must say. But he's quite a bit younger than Billy - I'm guessing he's about 11 or 12, maybe 13 here; Rush went into the Navy so he was probably 17 or 18 (I am not sure of the rules back then.)

    Rush is a 10 and Russell is a 5. But Russell will eventually get to 6 or 7.