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43-10-11 The Victor R. Gook Fontanelle


B.B. Baugh has written a musical piece on the cornet for Vic entitled, "The Victor R. Gook Fontonelle." He was so taken with the fact that Baugh did such a thing that he invited him over for supper without asking Sade.
A good episode that once again finds Russell doing a fine job with the script.


+ Vic tells Russell that a 'Fontanelle' is a spirited march, a spritely gallup or a gay dance. Russell contends that a 'Fontanelle' is a soft spot on a babies' head.

I could find nothing about a musical work called a 'Fontanelle.' But Wikipedia clearly shows that Russell was right. In other words, the song title literally means, Victor R. Gook has a soft spot on his head.

+ For supper, Sade had planned on having left-over meatloaf, canned vegetables and canned peaches.

+ B.B. Baugh has replaced Alf Musherton as the 3rd chair on the Sewage Disposal Worker's Band - which apparantly has changed it's name to the Sewage Disposal Workers Semi-Classical Silver Cornet Band. (Recall that this was a made-up club name Vic gave Russell to resign from in an earlier episode.)

Seems apparent by now that the Sewage Worker's band is made up completely of cornets. The fact that Baugh is 3rd chair in the band proves there are numerous cornet players in town. As a matter of fact, the cornet seems to be far the most popular musical instrument mentioned on Vic and Sade.

+ Russell says that B.B. Baugh is the inventor of Stingyberry Jam. (This is tackled at length in a later episode.)

+ Vic says that B.B. Baugh is an accomplished musician, artist and a talented composer.

+ B.B. Baugh lives at the Bright Kentucky Hotel. He had composed the song for Vic between the hours of 8 and midnight by candlelight in his hotel room with trains chugging by his window.

I believe this episode contains one of the funniest little sequences in the show's history, when Vic and Russell discuss when Sade might be home from shopping: {{{HEAR}}}

It also includes Vic singing: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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