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43-10-26 Honorary Lodge Member


Vic's friend, B.B. Baugh, finds himself smitten with Honorary Lodge Member Pom Pom Cordova. Vic implores Sade to help him plan a party so the two people can meet.
While on the surface this doesn't seem so ridiculous, upon listening to the tale you'll find it's all preposterous.


+ For the first time in the surviving series, we hear Russell read from a Third Lieutenant Stanley book. This one is about counterfeiting snake charmers.

+ E. W. Smith lives in Emporia, Kansas. He's a member of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way. In the past, he has had a bad habit of stealing horses. (Pom Pom Cordova though, was made an honorary lodge member because she helped him break the horse-thieving habit.) (((HEAR))) (((HEAR)))

+ Pom Pom Cordova (also originally from Emporia, Kansas) now lives in Belmont Beach in the Bahama Islands. She is one of the very, very few women to ever become an honorary lodge member. She's in town and staying as the houseguest of Lolita di Rienzi. This is the first time she is mentioned in the surviving series.

+ The Gooks pronounce Bahama as: [buh-hay-muh.]

+ Dr. Keevy's dentist office was once again used as a meeting place, this time for Vic and his friends.  I added Doctor Keevy's office to the map.

+ Two women were mentioned for the first time but nothing else but a mention: Lena Murphy and Opal McSlunk.

Though the world of Vic and Sade is filled with people of unique talents and interests, they themselves do tend to be as familiar as a housedress. But, among these commonplace eccentrics, Lolita Di Rienzi and Pom Pom Cordova stand out as genuinely exotic women. While most women come from nearby towns, Pom Pom is from the Bahamas. When other women consider a watch fob a suitable gift for a boss, Lolita suggests "A pannier de pommes de terre." Where most women pride themselves on their housekeeping, these glamorous ladies play the Carribean Dream Flute and the Tropical Guitar. They embody the adventure and romance that may lie beyond the horizon of everyday experience -- beyond Vic's, certainly. He loves his wife, and he loves his home, but, when he is with them, he catches a whiff of sea spray and orchids. Just a hint, though, that reminds him of the safety of his comfortable family. Sade knows this, and smiles indulgently at his encounters.

On the housedress of washrag sales, Thimble Club meetings, and cornet solos, Lolita and Pom Pom are the sequins.  -
Sarah Cole

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  1. My grandfather was EW Smith. I have enjoyed researching this.
    VJ Smith, El Paso