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43-10-27 Thimble Club Meeting


Vic, Russell and Uncle Fletcher are stuck outside on a chilly day as the Thimble Club women are nice and warm inside the Gook household.
Not a bad episode, although the usual absurdity and ridiculousness is kept to a minimum here.

The strength of the episode to me is the fact that Paul Rhymer's script and the fine acting of the three male characters lends itself well to visualizing the proceedings on the porch.

It's also becoming evident that David Whitehouse (Russell) is becoming more comfortable with his role on the show. Something that has been overlooked until now is just what a wonderful laugh he has; it's quite contagious: {{{HEAR}}}


+ This episode provides the names of several women who are in the Thimble Club that up to now, we never knew were members. Here's a list of "new" Thimble Club members:
Mis' Morris, Mis' Donahue, Mis' Johnson, Mis' Craig, Mis' O'Donnell, Mis' Chlorine, Mis' Garrison and Mis' Kester.

For a complete list of the women in the Thimble Club, be sure to check the Thimble Club page.

+ Several women's name make their surviving episode debuts in this episode:
Mis' Morris, Mis' Craig, Mis' O'Donnell, Mis' Chlorine and Mis' Garrison.

+ Uncle Fletcher is short on ridiculous stories in this episode, although he does mention the fact that Mis' Cryder and Mis' Johnson both have named their olderst sons, "William" and that Roy Dejectedly was confused as to where Des Moines, Iowa was.

+ Russell's friend, Oyster Cracker, has a cousin named "Lombard."

The men on the porch take turns talking like the ladies of the Thimble Club (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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