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43-11-10 Eight Million Jobs


Sade is busy around the house but is being constantly interrupted by the phone, the door and Russell.
A better than average episode, mainly because Russell puts in a better-than-usual performance. Otherwise, not much here.


+ B.B. Baugh calls to ask Sade if she will represent him as his agent in selling his stingyberry jam to the Thimble Club ladies. She refuses.

+ Russell refers to B.B. Baugh as "Ba Ba Boo."

+ Russell came in the front door to bring in the mail; even so, he was asked twice why he came in the front door (coming in the front door is a Gook household no-no.)

+ A man comes to the door wanting to fix the Gook piano; of course they don't own a piano.

David Whitehouse as Russell
+ While the beef punkles are cooking, Sade tells Russell twice to poke them to see if they are tender and also tells him to add water; this scenario tells us that the punkles are being braised. This indicates that punkles are a cheap cut of beef that must be "pot roasted" to make tender. (We certainly have assumed this all along but now we KNOW for sure.)

+ Someone calls for "Fat." (We assume it was  for "Fat Jackson.")

+ Croucher's (telephone #8987-J) has a delivery boy named "Irvin."  One of the better moments of the episode is hearing Russell talk smart to him on the telephone: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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