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43-11-08 Essay on Birds


Russell is stuck at home having to write an essay on birds but he seems to have not done any research and therefore is bereft of words to fill out his paper. His friend Arthur Grump saves him by calling on the telephone and inviting him to the Bijou. He cons Vic and Sade into putting off his homework until the next morning.
Another run-of-the-mill episode. The episode provides a deeper look into Russell's life and his friends.


+ Two new friends of Russell are introduced in this episode: Bertha Fabre is a girl in his English class. Arthur Grump goes to school with Russell and invites him to go with him to the Bijou.

+ Sade says Homer Heck (his debut), who lives on Kinsey Street, knows a lot about Oklahoma. She also says Mis' Razorscum knows a lot about birds.

+ We learn that Fred and Ruthie Stembottom have a green bungalow birdhouse in their backyard.

+ Vic says B.B. Baugh claims he was elected "Nightengale of Dismal Seepage (Ohio.)" Also, he had a girlfriend named Dorothy who would forget to put pepper in fudge.

+ We find out that Mis' Sutton is the English teacher at Russell's school.

+ Perhaps the best moment of this episode is after the phone conversation that Russell has with his friend, Arthur. This is when he tells Vic and Sade the name of the film (presumably, Gloria Golden and Four-Fisted Frank Fuddleman:) {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. funny thing that i just happened to be listening to episodes from this era the last week or so. it seems that you share my general impression that these are, on the whole, not especially great shows. i've been wondering if i was alone on this. alas, i know not a single soul who is interested in this program! even my OTR friends don't listen to it (one friend said it was "too droll" for him, a perfect word to use).

    i haven't listened to most of the shows from 1945 on, so i'm hoping there will be some more gems in there. but the few i've listened to, while having their great moments here and there, just weren't anything like the sheer perfection of the 1937-42 shows. there aren't many 1943-44 shows as good as a routine show from 1937-42!

  2. Ah thanks so much for the comment!

    Rush will return soon in the surviving episodes; and while David Whitehouse is not bad (as Russell), Billy Idelson is twice as good as Rush.

    By the way, when we get to 1944 *not too long from now) it will represent the year with the largest amount of surviving shows; more than 30% of all surviving V&S shows are from the 1944 year.

    You may have noticed that the regular bunch of characters are still around but where we are on the blog there is an outpouring of new characters such as BB Baugh, Pom Pom Cordova, Dr. Keevy, Lolita di Lorenzi and a few of Russell's pals. Remember a while back we saw the surge of Stacey Yopp and Alf Musherton...

    You're not alone in not knowing people who like this program. I happen to know a lot who do but only because I have hunted them down; the show has a very limited following but the ones who enjoy it treat it as a cult (well, you know what I mean - they are very enthusiastic about it.)

    I have some great additions and ideas I am about to do to this blog; changes galore. They will take time and I only have 2 hands and so many hours. In the end, I hope this blog will be around for the next generation of Vic and Sade fans... however few they may be.

    Your comments are always welcomes, good or bad.