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43-11-15 Ike Kneesuffer's Snapshots


Sade will sometimes get photographs from the neighbors and will make Vic and Russell sit through a session of her telling everything about the photos and the people in them. The men dislike this very much.

Vic came across an old stack of photographs he found in old desk that belongs to Ike Kneesuffer; his idea is for he and Russell to make up names and stories about the photos and force Sade to sit through the presentation, thereby boring her to no end (like she does to them.)

At first, Sade is bored and attempts to leave when suddenly she sees someone she recognizes. After that, it snowballs and she takes over the presentation and the men seem to be at a loss as to how this could have possibly happened!
The real fun of this story is this: did Sade really know the people in the photographs or did she realize what the men were doing and decide she'd turn the tables on them?  (This is also the sentiment of this gentleman.)  Sade can spot a phoney a mile away; did she spot Vic and Russell trying to pull the wool over her eyes after viewing just a few photos?


+ Russell begins the episode by eating buttered bread with sugar on it.  Here is a (way too) elaborate Wiki on how to make it.

+ Vic uses several nicknames for Russell in this episode: "Stone Bruise Old Two Car Garage", "Pick Handle", "Button Hook", "Bull Frog" and "Herman."

+ Mis' Harris has a son whose little boy almost drowned in Rose Willow Creek.

+ William Larrs was mentioned for the first time. He keeps music in a satchel and has a dog named, "Strike" that can sit up.

+ Mr. and Mis' Willard were mentioned for the first time as living on Oak Street.

+ Ida Storker (first time mentioned) - spends two weeks every Summer visiting Mis' Kilgore (first time mentioned) - Mis' Kilgore is said to live next door to the Stembottoms. We know they do not live right next door; we'll assume they live a couple of houses away and I have changed the map to reflect this.

+ Mr. Helfnan (first time mentioned) - Fred and Ruthie know him. He can do tricks with a lighted cigar.

+ Mis' Groovel or Mis' Stoogle (first time mentioned) - Sade can't remember the name exactly.

+ Myrtle Strickle (first time mentioned) - Works at Yamilton's and often would put bargains off to on side for Sade.

+ Laticia Wigg (first time mentioned)

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  1. I don't think the Sade of a few years earlier would have stooped to the silly pranks that Vic and Russel, (or even Rush) are capable of. She has a track record of being composed, and socially conscious. It wouldn't be like her to let her poise slip.

    However, as George Burns once said, "To a comedian, the world is a setup just waiting for a punch line." It might be that over the years of being straight man to Vic that she has finally subconsciously learned to be the prankster herself. Also this is a cute role reversal for the family with Vic trying to give Sade a dose of her own medicine, only to fall prey to hergiving him a dose back.

    If Sade saw through the prank, and came back with her own, it shows her fast thinking and resourcefulness. If not, it either proves that she has a long memory for past acquaintences, similar to good ol' Uncle Fletcher's, or the gods of the Vic and Sade universe were smiiling on her to ensure a balance of the cosmos... Or something. :)

  2. Thanks for your comment!

    I pretty much agree with what you say, however, I believe Sade has that ability in her - somewhere in a missing episode or two, Sade is giving it back to the boys, I'm sure. Or at least, I have always assumed that.

    No way of telling if this is what she is doing here; she genuinely seems to know the people in the photos, much to the amazement of Vic (and notice how silent Russell is in the last third of the episode.)

    Either way, a lot of fun to listen to.

  3. I find the timing of her jumping in with "knowledge" of the snapshots a clue to the fact that Sade knows the trick is being paid on her. The boys start pointing out the fact that she's not playing fair by resisting the pictures and immediately, she recognizes the current snapshot.