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43-11-19 Caribbean Dream Flute


Sade reads in the paper again about Pom Pom Cordova; this time she's playing the tropical guitar at the luxurious Purple Room of the Butler House Hotel.

After bringing up the subject with Vic, she then learns that he's been meeting up with Pom Pom and Lolita di Rienzi at Dr. Keevy's office on several occasions and even on consecutive days.

While Sade doesn't seem to suspect Vic is up to no-good, she still wields the situation over his head hoping he will say the wrong thing to dig himself deeper in a hole.
But Vic is innocent and his only crime is found to be wanting to learn how to play the Caribbean Dream flute, which Mis' Cordova tells him would sound well in duets with her tropical guitar.
Like all men, even when Vic is innocent, he sounds guilty.

Vic hit the nail on the head when he says that Sade is making a big deal out of the situation because she wants drama in her life. That's not to say that Sade is a bad person but she enjoys picking on Vic, especially when there really is something there to mess with him about.

Is he carrying on some naughty tryst with Pom Pom and Lolita? Most assuredly not. Still, he did act secretly and that makes for an episode where we get to hear him try and wiggle out of something he didn't do.


+ Russell's absence in this episode is explained by him being at the YMCA, watching the fat men play handball. This is the first time we've heard him enjoying this activity.

+ We find out that Lolita lives in the Monte Carlo Apartments. That's the first time they've been mentioned.

+ Dr. Keevy is a candidate to become a member of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way.

+ There seems to be a missing episode that has Dr. Keevy wanting to take Vic, Pom Pom and Lolita arund the country to various dentist offices so he can show them "wonderful teeth."

+ Pom Pom said she could tell by looking at Vic that he was musical.

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