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43-11-26 Christmas Suggestions for the Boss #2


Vic has once again been saddled with the job of choosing a Christmas present for the boss, Mr. Ruebush.

He asks for suggestions but all of them seem to be far-fetched or ridiculous.
This seems to be a re-working of an earlier episode. And this one is dull. The suggestions are not ridiculous enough to even smile at.

I'd rank this one near the top of the list as far as "worst episodes."


+ Vic calls Russell "Whitehouse" four different times. (Russell is played by David Whitehouse.)

+ Sade mentions that Mis' Appelrot has a 'silly streak.'

+ The Thimble Club once visited the City Waterworks.

+ Lots of new people mentioned in this episode, all workers at Consolidated Kitchenware Plant 14:

R. Spaul DiPwini suggested a guitar, overshoes, pillowcases and fudge for gifts.

I.I. Phobie suggested a hat band, horseshoes, hacksaw and a hydroplane for gifts.

George L. Winksome suggested iodine, ivory, incenerator and ink for gifts.

Mis' Holland (who is Mr. Ruebush's private secretary) suggested a watch, handbag, cane, lounging robe, military hairbrushes, easy slippers, pipe rack and 21 more items (not named) as gifts.

W.Z. Skrang suggested machine oil, a mackinaw, monkey wrench and macaroni.

Henry A. Tweets suggested a garter, umbrella, suspenders and a saxophone.

E.O. Sorgers suggested sardines, celery, a steam (driven) calliope and sandwiches.

Q.P. Slitch suggested paper plates, a potato pan, parasol and putty.

+ Office boy Joey Smith was mentioned; he will only contribute a quarter for Mr. Ruebush's present.

Here's something a bit unusual: {{{HEAR}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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