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43-11-29 A Garbage Wagon Pass


Vic has come home early so he can be alone and do some accounting work... but things aren't going his way. He added up one of his columns wrong and put a decimal point in the wrong spot, his fountain pen is on the blink and to top off, Sade has called and he's not happy about his day.

To make matters worse, Uncle Fletcher comes over. Vic tries to pretend he's not there but is found out anyway. Uncle Fletcher senses he's intruded upon Vic's work but Vic still tries to be a good host. The two talk about an Annual Garbage Wagon Pass that Uncle Fletcher received in the mail and thinks Vic is the reason he got it from the Mayor. Vic says he knows nothing about it.
I believe this is the first episode we have come across where the only two live characters in the show are Vic and Uncle Fletcher. Once Vic gives up on his work, the two have a fun time together.


+ Uncle Fletcher briefly mentions a man he knows named Walter Shoes - who he describes as a "careless painter."

+ Willis Rohrback comes to the back door of the Gook home to borrow a meat grinder.

+ The Annual Garbage Wagon Pass that Uncle Fletcher received in the mail was signed by Mayor Greecham. We find out in this episode that Vic knows the Mayor personally.

Uncle Fletcher talks about hanging up the telephone receiver: {{{HELP}}}

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. Many years ago, this was the first V&S episode I heard. In the late nineties I was pursing a master’s degree after work in the evenings. My late drive home from the university was 45 minute or so and to pass the time I would search around the AM radio dial to find something interesting to listen to. I usually settled on “TalkNet” with Bruce Williams from “Westwood 1” but occasionally I’d try to pull-in distant stations. One night, I tuned into some folks talking and I wasn’t sure what it was. I was confused – it sounded like I was listening in to a private conversation in someone’s living room. Intrigued, I kept listening and learned that is was part of a syndicated radio show called “When Radio Was” hosted by Stan Freberg. The V&S episode I’d tuned into was the 43-11-29 “A Garbage Wagon Pass”. I recall being perplexed at why the episode ended so suddenly without any sort of climax or conclusion. I started to learn about V&S and found additional shows. Not because I thought it was good, but rather because it was so odd. But it didn’t take long for me to appreciate the genius of Paul Rhymer. I then joined the Friends of Vic and Sade and have been enjoying V&S ever since.

    Your work, to chronicle, study, and archive all things V&S, is a noble effort that will preserve this gem and make it accessible for all those who will come after. As I study your website I marvel at the effort you’ve put into it and find it to be the ultimate source of V&S information. Thanks for creating this site!


    1. It's really been MY PLEASURE to do all that I have done here. Vic and Sade feels like one of my children that I am "responsible" for and must take care of. Sometimes I tire of waiting on the child hand and foot and it's always there with a small problem (spelling mistakes in the blog, more scripts to upload) and it has (at times) taken over my whole life. I find that I have to remove myself from it - somewhat - for a short time. But I will come back and get back to work on it...

      Anyway, the show always repays me by entertaining me. No matter how many times I have heard my 200 or so favorite episodes, they still shine and make me smile.