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43-11-30 Sweet Esther, Wisconsin


Consolidated Kitchenware is sending Vic on a trip that will take him to Sweet Esther, Wisconsin.

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Sweet Esther, Wisconsin happens to be a very special place to Vic because there are parades there everyday and it's considered a magical mecca for Sky Brothers of the Sacred Stars of the Milky Way; this is the place (in 1899) where lodge founder R.J. Konk's eyes changed color overnight while staying at the Royal Gum Hotel. His eyes magically went from a watery, drab, slate color to a brilliant, blazing stunning electric blue. So you can see why Vic would be excited to go.   (((HEAR)))
Intermingled with Vic telling the family about the joys of Sweet Esther, we have Uncle Fletcher telling about each of the seven brothers of Roy Dejectedly.

Easily in the Top 15 or so episodes; lots going on, tons of new information and Vic is a big kid here - which is always fun.


+ Oyster Krecker takes violin lessons.

+ Vic asks Russell to go fetch his atlas. This is the first book in the surviving series that's been asked for that wasn't a lodge book.

+ In 1940, E.W. Smith (of Emporia, Kansas) went to Sweet Esther for a week but stayed a month. Sade says this is due to him laying low after he had been arrested for horse-thieving, then breaking out of custody. Vic disagrees.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells about the Dejectedly brothers:

Virgil Dejectedly had his named changed often so that he could change the initials on his hat. He did this to give him something to do. He didn't work but had a steady income of $20 a week. At first, the man at the haberdashery was changing the initials on the hat for free, then started charging a quarter. Eventually, it got out of hand and the haberdashery man finally just got mad in 1909.

Sam Dejectedly lives in Yellow Jump, North Dakota.

Pete Dejectedly lives in Halter, Tennessee. He married a woman 17 years old; he went into the feed and grain business. He also invented a combination comb and buggy whip.

Harry Dejectedly lives in Hammond, Indiana and he married a girl from there.

Charlie Dejectedly lives in Philadelphia.

Paul Dejectedly lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

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