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43-12-02 Cleaning the Bookcase


It's time to clean the bookcase and so Sade gets young Russell to help her do so.

Once they go digging in the bookcase, they find a myriad of books and pamphlets with unusual titles.
Fun episode where Paul Rhymer gets to play with ridiculous made-up titles.


+ A pamphlet was found: "Doctor Fumble - scientific chemist whose compound [is], "The Famous Raspberry Bitters for Nervous, Frantic, Run-down People, Who is Willing to Bet a Thousand Dollars You Don't Know Your Own Stomach."

+ A book was found: "Our Friend the Diamondback Rattler." It used to belong to Blue Tooth Johnson; it was given to him on his 7th birthday by his grandmother. The book provides proof that Blue Tooth's real name is "Edwin" - we also know that Rooster Davis also has the real first name of "Edwin."

+ There are two books that we can deduce probably belong to Vic: "I Marched in 48 Parades in a Single Weekend and Lived to Tell the Tale" and "The Efficiency of the Pennsylvania Lock and a Step Compared with the Redbank, New Jersey Giant Stride."

+ Another book found: "The Exhaustive Study of the Muscles of the Forearm" which belongs to Raymond Surrells. He had found the book at the Miller Park Zoo in front of the lion's cage. Recall that Sade also found a book at the Miller Park Zoo once.

+ A leaflet is found entitled: "Think of Your Toes as Sweet Flowers in the Garden and Give Them Pretty Names and You Will Drop Off to Sleep Quickly and Beautifully" - Russell contends these leaflets were given out at the Butler House Hotel barbershop to guys waiting to get a haircut.

+ The book, "A Fish and How They Got No Sense" was found and inside of it someone had written this on the flyleaf: "I found the dead crushed violets you concealed in my mashed potatoes and gravy, Howard and also the little bracelet of seashells."

Vic and Sade boasts a history of other things hidden in mashed potatoes including butter patties and olives.

+ Sade says she saw a man at Yamilton's passing out literature that looked exactly like Gus Fuss, the Consolidated Kitchenware employee from Dubuque, Iowa, who had once Visited Vic.

+ We learn that Oyster Cracker's cousin Lombard is slyly sarcastic; so much so that his victims sometimes don't realize the sarcasm until hours later.

+ Sade reveals that she keeps her best hat in the bottom buffet drawer.  That must be a huge drawer with all the stuff that's in there.

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