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43-12-15 The Color of Gumpox's Eyes


Mr. Gumpox has heard talk around town; people have been discussing his blue eyes.

He's always felt that his eyes are his best feature. He's even been calling on Mis' Razorscum at her back door and talking to her just so he can show off his eyes; she, on the other hand, doesn't know what to say to him.

She seems to finally have gotten rid of him by sending him to the Gook house; he telephones twice near the end of the episode telling them he'd like to come over. Vic asks for the phone and Sade knows that Vic will tell Mr. Gumpox where to get off... Pretty sure Vic read Gumpox the riot act. Gumpox has gone behind Vic’s back in the past (and will do so in the future), so Vic is never happy with him. Vic also doesn’t like men who cry and Gumpox is a crier. Vic, too, has beautiful blue eyes (according to the kids at the office), so the green monster may be lurking.

+ Near the very beginning of the episode Sade enters the back door; Vic calls out inquiring whether it is "Irving" the delivery boy. We know from careful listening that the delivery boy is named, "Irvin" - "Irving" on the other hand, is an office boy at Consolidated Kitchenware. (Take note, however, that after further study, it seems that Irving/Irvin is used interchangeably by various characters in various episodes and only on one occasion are they not referring to the grocery delivery boy.)

+ Russell saw and talked to Mr. Gumpox while in line at the Bijou. We learned from an earlier episode that Mr. Gumpox never misses a film opening.

+ We find out that while Mr. Gumpox might be slightly conceited about his blue eyes that he's also a soft-hearted, easy-going, sensitive fellow whose feelings easily get hurt.

+ There is more than one garbage man in town; probably several. Mr. Gruber is mentioned as the garbage collector between University and Main streets whom Mr. Gumpox almost got into a fight with.

+ Prairie Street is mentioned for the first time.

Sade sounds a lot like Uncle Fletcher: {{{HEAR}}}

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