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43-12-27 Invoice Preparations


Vic is busy trying to get some invoices done and Russell is home making life miserable for him.
Few things will disturb your math worse than a fierce rabbit.

A re-working of the 39-09-06 Office Invoices script and this version is actually much better.


+ An uncle bought Heinie Call a rabbit: {{{HEAR}}}

+ Russell contends he is 14 years old and has blue eyes. No one on the show seems to have any other color of eyes than blue.

+ Vic uses the following nicknames on Russell in this episode: Dr. Sleech, Sam, Roscoe and George - all nicknames Vic used on Rush in prior episodes. To make matters more obvious that Russell is a "pseudo-Rush," Russell talks to a woman (Mis' Whippon) on the phone who knew him when he was a baby.

+ When Mis' Brighton comes to visit at the end of the episode, she brings her son Williard with her.  Recall that in a previous episode Sade referred to Willard as a "close, comfortable friend."

P.Q. Ribber's take on this episode (((hear)))

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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