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44-01-24 - Vic is Sleeping On the Couch


The milk wagon is driven by a horse named "Clifton" and Uncle Fletcher claims he knows horse like the back of his hand.

Uncle Fletcher is over at the Gook house and was a guest for supper. He and Russell sit around after supper telling stories while Vic lays on the davenport sleeping and having bad dreams.
Sade is mad at Vic for sleeping while the Gooks have Uncle Fletcher over as company. And one could say that Vic's bad dreams are a payback for lying there and being a bad host.

Vic (played by Art Van Harvey) does a great job at 'waking up' - and it's just funny. Have a listen (edited): {{{HEAR}}}


+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Ed Fungleman who changed his name a bunch of times. He built up a flourishing business buying and selling dead fish. He married a Philadelphia woman who was 24 years old (he was 26) and he made all of her clothes. Sang a tenor solo for 15 cents. He died at age 88.

+ Uncle Fletcher oils his shoes!

+ Howard Honeycrutch was briefly mentioned.

+ Someone knocked a chunk out of Sade's olive and pickle shoe; she eyes Russell but he never confesses. Recall in an earlier episode, Rush is senselessly berated by Sade for accidently breaking an antique pickle and olive shoe.

+ Uncle Fletcher is going to do later half of the milk delivery route the next morning.

Seems that Emmett Fadler's (Ernie Fadler's brother) wife is having her adenoids removed and he wants to watch. The route is Oakland Avenue to Mercer and includes Washington and Florence streets.

Recall that Raymond Belcher Beirman was a milk wagon driver in an earlier episode.

+ Uncle Fletcher tells the story of Clifton Hosterflitch who married a Winona, Minnesota woman 21 years old (he was 24.) He tried to teach a bicycle how to kick. (He may have done so too, his story is interrupted by a Vic nightmare.)

+ Lombard (Oyster Cracker's cousin) lives in Galena, Illinois. We can suppose he is vacationing in town with Oyster Cracker over a period of time though as Russell seems to talk about him in every episode.

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