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44-03-01 Hank Gutstop Throws a Party


According to Vic, two weeks ago prior to this episode, Hank Gutstop had gotten a job as the house detective at the Butler House Hotel. The hotel even has agreed to put him up for free - giving him the luxurious bridal suite to boot. With his new-found wealth, he's invited Vic and five other friends to dine with him in his hotel room.

In this episode, an excited Vic tells Sade and Russell about his expectations for the evening dinner party.
In the history of the surviving episodes, this is the first in which we learn that Hank has gotten any kind of job that lasted more than a day. Will it continue?


+ Sade says that Hank had come over to the house (in a missing episode?) dressed in a duck-billed cap and checkered vest (like Sherlock Holmes.)

+ Russell infers that he enjoys macaroni and cheese.

+ Sade used the word, 'spondulicks' once again - that's the 4th time in the surviving episodes.

+ For a time prior to this episode, Hank was living at the Bright Kentucky Hotel.

+ The other people invited to the dinner party: B.B. Baugh, Stacey Yopp, Y.I.I.Y. Skeeber, Rishigan Fishigan and the previously unknown Pelter Unbleet, who is the janitor of the Bright Kentucky Hotel.

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