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44-03-17 Vic's Cancelled Trip


Vic is disappointed when his proposed trip to Sweet Esther, Wisconsin falls through.

Hoping to spend some quality time with his friend Homer U. McDancey is Sweet Esther, nothing seems to go right for Vic. First of all, McDancey's stop in Sweet Esther would only be a five minute layover as he rushes to another train station three blocks away to catch another train to the East Coast.

Another problem exists in that in order for Vic to go to Sweet Esther, he'd have to take a total of 5 different trains to get there.
Not a funny episode but certainly an entertaining one. A question occurs to me though, is that Vic should have known about the difficulties of getting to Sweet Esther as he had planned on going once before (of course it's possible that trip got ruined too - we'll probably never know because Proctor and Gamble threw away so many episodes.)

Slyly, Russell Miller sort of takes on the role of Uncle Fletcher in this episode, being a slightly annoying background piece for Vic and Sade while complaining about something in his tooth.


+ Russell suggests that Blue Tooth Johnson is trying to be deceitful because he traded a bicylce pump for a doghouse - yet he has no dog.

+ Russell says that Blue Tooth "gets a sensation" when pouring water down his neck."

+ The highest-level of lodge brother to date is mentioned in this episode: Honky J. Sponger of Chicago is a Sublime Sky Brother Imperial Sacred Stars of the Milky Way.  Although the title seems lofty, it's more or less a combined business manager, publicity agent and general secretary. Sponger wanted a picture of McDancey and Vic marching together during their visits to Sweet Esther but even that's impossible because McDancey has to almost run three blocks to catch his connecting train and the street near the railway station is currently being torn up.

Train route to Sweet Esther
+ In order for Vic to take a train trip to Sweet Esther, Wisconsin, Vic would have to go first to Peoria, change trains and then head to Galesburg, Illinois - change trains and go to Sycamore, Illinois - change trains and go to Dubuque, Iowa and then finally catch a train that goes to Sweet Esther (a fictional city.)

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