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44-04-03 Ted Stembottom


The Gooks have noticed they've gotten into the "bad" habit of referring to Fred Stembottom as "Ted" Stembottom; "Ted" is the name that Uncle Fletcher has been calling him.

Fred doesn't even seem to care that Uncle Fletcher calls him "Ted" as mention is made over the months that Uncle Fletcher has met up with Fred on the street and they exchanged pleasentries.

However, Sade is afraid her or her family will slip up and use the name on Fred sometime when they are together playing cards and she does not want to be put in that embarrassing situation. So when Uncle Fletcher comes over, she sits down and has a stern talk with him, which he listens to but seems to ignore.

The episode ends with Fred calling about ice cream and Sade and Vic use the name "Ted" again in reference to him.
Uncle Fletcher has been referring to Fred as Ted since this surviving episode.


+ Here's a new one... listen to Sade: {{{HEAR}}}

+ Uncle Fletcher is filling in as a ticket taker as a Bijou. The regular ticket taker is Ray Fadler, brother of Ernie Fadler and Emmett Fadler.

+ Sutter Street is mentioned for the first time. There's a hardware store there.

+ Hyena Grease is mentioned by name as something Uncle Fletcher uses to oil his shoes.

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