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44-04-05 Hyena Grease

Fletcher Rush was a character of many enthusiasms: touring the town with Mr. Gumpox on his garbage wagon, watching trains at the Interurban Station, popping popcorn, reminiscing about his remarkable collection of even more remarkable acquaintances, stingyberry jam, and Hyena Grease: a malodorous concoction for "smearing on your shoes." Whether it is intended as a polish, a water-proofer; or what type of shoes it is meant to be smeared on is never made clear. But, whatever it is, it's the finest one in the entire civilized world!

In this episode, Uncle Fletcher (Clarence Hartzell) is in a state of nervous agitation. His friend Roy Dejectedly has unexpectedly entrusted to him the formula for this wonder of the age, and he has no safe place to secure it. The scientific laboratories in the region would give their right arm to lay their hands on the unpatented process. In his distress, he turns to his nephew-in-law Vic Gook (Art Van Harvey), in hopes he will protect this precious document in his safety deposit vault. As Russell (I believe David Whitehouse) witnesses the transfer, Uncle Fletcher places in Vic's care the formula for Hyena Grease, with solemnity worthy of the plans for the Norden Bombsight.

Of course, Vic takes the proceedings about as seriously as the listeners do. He and Russell exchange some sly remarks between themselves; but, though they have little respect for his trivial formula, they have great respect and affection for Uncle Fletcher. For his sake, they honor his concern, and play along as Vic agrees to put the slip of paper in his little safe deposit box at the bank.

Whether Hyena Grease is a preparation we would want anywhere near our shoes is debatable, but those who agree to take care of that formula are decidedly the finest in the entire… civilized … world!
Vic and Sade fan Sarah Cole provided the above paragraphs as a special guest to The Crazy World of Vic and Sade.


art by Dave Duckert
+ Russell says Oyster Cracker and Blue Tooth Johnson almost got into a fight earlier.

+ Heinie Call takes violin lessons.

+ Roy Dejectedly is from Cordova but Uncle Fletcher says the Hyena Grease formula was sent in the mail from Dixon.

+ The hidden formula for Hyena Grease: turpentine, creosote, lamp black and tractor oil mixed with Hyena Grease.

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  1. Excellent write up Sara. Whatever hyena grease must have had it's secrets locked away forever in that safe deposit box. I wonder if it would make a new, alternative fuel, and combat the greenhouse affect.