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44-04-07 The Solo March


Homer U. McDancey once again suggests to Vic that he be the special Christmas Day guest speaker at the Missouri Home for the Tall in Sick River Junction, Missouri.

Vic is so flattered that he intends on going and giving not only a speech about marching but also a solo march.
Average episode enhanced greatly by further usage of the Missouri Home for the Tall. The funniest line in the episode is when Russell comments that Uncle Fletcher has a croney that's an armed guard at the Missouri institution!


+ Mis' Neagle, who was not only Rush's freakishly strong Sunday School teacher but also Russell's, can chin herself 23 times.  She was complimented on her muscles, according to Russell.

+ The Missouri Home for the Tall has 700 inmates!  Uncle Fletcher has a cronie that works as an armed guard there.

+ Arthur K. Van Beebunk (not named in this episode but was in an earlier one) was a boyhood chum of Homer U. McDancey.

+ Homer U. McDancey has "lovely" penmanship, according to Sade.

+ Ed Fife was mentioned for the first time. He's a friend of Russell's; he plans on going with the gang down to the YMCA to watch the fat men play handball.

+ Sade refers to events that happened in 44-03-24 The Seven Minute March.  McDancey and Vic had an opportunity to briefly meet and march together.

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