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44-06-09 The Lunges are Coming


Sade gets a last-minute post card in the mail, Herb and Kissy Lunge are coming - tonight! Though she's never met them, they are friends of friends and wants to clean house and make a nice impression.

Meanwhile, a bewildered and sleepy Vic and Russell (Bijou ticket already bought) are forced into manual domestic labors beyond their comprehension.

SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2)
A few episodes back, Sade was complaining about entertaining people she didn't know, yet here she is doing the exact same thing.

This is one of the funnier episodes in the second half run of the Vic and Sade series.


+ Sade says since the Lunges are coming by car, there's no way to tell if they will be on time.  She still has no idea that miles per hour indicate that miles per hour a car is driving - in other words, it's easy to figure out when you will be at a certain point.  She also had trouble with this in 37-06-04 Sade's Trip to Dwight.

+ I've come to the conclusion that Art Van Harvey (Vic) is _by far_ the best actor in radio history as far as acting "half asleep." In this episode, we get another earful of Vic: {{{HEAR}}}

+ Herb and Kissy Lunge (from Logansport, Indiana) are making their way to Keokuk, Iowa.

Keokuk is famous for being the birthplace of Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) and the city has been mentioned (mostly as a "funny place name") in several TV series.

+ Ed and Margaret McFrogth are also mentioned - they too hail from Logansport, Indiana.

+ Herb works for the government. Kissy's real name is Katherine.

+ The Brick Mush man stops by - apparently to ask permission to use the Gook front porch to change his shoelaces.(Writer Paul Rhymer seems to have a humorous fetish with shoelaces.)

+ Vic manages to "accidentally" call Herb and Kissy Lunge, "Boob and Huggy Lunge."  Twice!

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!


  1. Very informative.

  2. I LOVE this episode. I want to strangle Sade, but only because I've been drug down similar paths by my own loving spouse....just brilliant stuff, and "Boob and Huggie" makes me laugh out loud every time.