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44-06-12 Professor Russell - Tutor


Russell comes home (late for supper) with news that he's been asked by Mis' Tisdel to tutor her daughter Mildred algebra over the summer, three afternoons a week.

He plans to ask for big money to do this; he plans on making Margaret address him as, "Professor"... and plans on getting a switch from the pear tree in her backyard to inflict pain upon her in case she doesn't obey his rules.
Russell (David Whitehouse) does a fine job with this episode but it's hard not to imagine Bill Idelson as Rush doing the same episode and this being a Vic and Sade classic; still, props to Whitehouse on the job he did here.

This script is a re-used from 1940.

Anyway you slice it, this is a fun episode.


+ Dr. Nixon, from San Antonio, was mentioned by Vic. By the way he and Sade talk, it appears as though Dr. Nixon played a large part in one or more episode that we missed out on due to the stupidty of Proctor and Gamble destroying Vic and Sade episodes.

+ We find out in this episode that the Tisdels live on Kelsey Street.

+ Mis' Wyckle was mentioned for the first time. Her first name is Bertha and she is Margaret's algebra teacher. She mentioned to Mis' Tisdale that Russell would make a good algebra tutor.

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