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44-06-16 Piercing Blue Eyes


At home, Sade catches Vic making odd movements with his face and eyebrows. When she inquires to why he is doing such a thing, he sheepishly admits that he and the kids at the office again had a talk about his eyes.

Although Sade is already onto him and knows what he's going to say, he admits that Lolita di Rienzi told him he had "piercing blue eyes" and Steve Chestbutter told Vic he should accentuate them by using facial and eyebrow movements. Chessbutter also told Vic that if he had eyes like that, he would lower the tone of his voice.

Once the cat is out of the bag, Vic begins practicing both things full tilt, frustrating Sade.
Great moment when the telephone rings and Vic says "Telephone's ringin'!" in his low voice: {{{HEAR}}}


+ Mis' Appelrot was born in Hopedale. Her father was an agent for a veternary supply house and thus she lived all over Central Illinois. Her father owned five farms in the county.

+ Fred Stembottom calls and without wavering, both Vic and Sade refer to him as "Ted" - despite a previous episode where Sade exclaimed to Uncle Fletcher and the family that it must not continue.

When the Gooks call him "Ted" though, he doesn't seem to mind.

+ Someone calls with the wrong number; although it's never said who called or who they called for, can't we imagine the call was for Fat Jackson?

Vic, in his deep voice, talks to Ted Stembottom on the telephone: {{{HEAR}}}

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