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44-06-19 500 Bijou Tickets


A complex situation has arisen in the Gook household: Mr. Gumpox found a roll of 500 Bijou tickets in the trashcan of Mr. (Sam) Ferberman, who is the Bijou manager. He offers to sell them to Sade for a penny each.

Vic sees this as dishonest as does Sade but it takes a while to convince Russell of this as his eye are alight with taking the whole sophomore class to the theater as his guest and showing off.

In order not to hurt Mr. Gumpox (who is not dishonest) Sade finally decides she will give Mr. Gumpox five dollars and burn the tickets.
You wonder if Mr. Gumpox maybe didn't decide himself that this was dishonest for we know from an earlier episode that he never misses a premier at the Bijou. So why would he not keep them for himself unless he knew it would be dishonest to use the tickets?


+ This is the second episode where Homer Heck is mentioned as being Uncle Fletcher's friend who lives in Oklahoma. There seems to be a mixup somewhere for just a few episodes back we learned that there was a Homer Heck who is Vic's friend and a member of the Drowsy Venus Chapter of the lodge. So now, at the Vic and Sade Character website, there are two different Homer Heck entries (local and Oklahoma.)

+ The discarded tickets are adult admission and are worth $125.00.

+ Sade again uses the word "spondulicks" when referring to money.

+ It seems apparent that the Bijou is run by both Sam and Milton Ferberman.

+ At the end of the episode, Sade suggests they play Rummy, a game she generally does not like to play.

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