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44-06-26 Thimble Club Bazaar

Sade has left a note for Vic and Russell; she wants the boys to do yard work while she is gone.

But Vic has contentions with the note, saying the word "boys" refers only to Russell and not him.

When Sade comes home, Russell is bound to tell on Vic and get him in trouble but Sade is so excited about working at a Thimble Club bazaar that his tattling goes unheeded.

SCRIPT (part 1) (part 2) (part 3)
Fun episode where the gist of the episode ("the boys") is quickly swept away by Sade changing the subject.  Russell goes out of his way to squeal on Vic, but to no avail.


+ At the Thimble Club bazaar, they are going to sell clothes, candy, cake and knickknacks.

+ The Thimble Club has rented a vacant building on Center Street, across from the Courthouse.  We also learn The Greek's Confectionery is across the street from the courthouse.

+ Vic's argument that "boys" did not refer to him was smashed while Sade talked to he and Russell as she used the same word 4 times in reference to to the two.

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