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44-06-27 Uncle Fletcher Gets a Job Offer


Uncle Fletcher informs Vic and Russell that he's been offered the job of playing piano at the Five and Ten Cent store.

However, Uncle Fletcher does not know how to play the piano (all except Ding Dong Dell, Pussy's in the Well.) But Harry Expaw, the store's manager, insits that's okay because he'll wrap up Uncle Fletcher's hand as if it is injured.
In 1944, there existed something you see very rarely these days called "morals." It used to be immmoral to decieve someone - even by pretending to be able to play the piano yet unable to because of a bandage on your hand.

Times have certainly changed. In my mind, I often like to compare Uncle Fletcher to Lady Gaga to prove to myself how times have changed. Try it yourself.


+ Uncle Fletcher wanted to buy "polished copper ox bolts" at the five and ten cent store.

+ Uncle Fletcher explains Harry Expaw as a good man but one who is also shrewd.

+ Uncle Fletcher meanders about Pueblo Indians whose warriors would succumb to a nervous condition; the remedy involved fire, rain, ashes and popcorn!

+ Uncle Fletcher says the only song he knows is Ding Dong Dell Pussy's in the Well. But according to Wikipedia, the song is actually called, Ding Dong Bell. It's not a song I am familiar with but it sounds like this: {{{HEAR}}}

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1 comment:

  1. One of my favorite episodes. Harry Expaw is NOT a straight shooter, (when it comes to business.) And when Uncle Fletcher explodes about knowing how to play "Ding Dong Dell, Pussy's In The Well," it always cracks me up....