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44-06-28 A Letter from Mr. Buller

Vic gets a letter from Mr. Buller that appears to be full of wonderful, exciting news. Vic wants Russell to read the letter. As he reads, signs that he might have a cold show up during the reading. Sade keeps interrupting Russell and we never find out what's going on with Mr. Buller.

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The material here is neither strong nor funny but it's still quality stuff. The joke Paul Rhymer presents us with is the entire episode is about the letter which we get repeated bits of, over and over (a long-time Rhymer trick) yet we never hear the whole thing.

Sade, who puts the kabosh on the letter to begin with, is miffed when Vic leaves the room with the letter; she may never know what it says!


+ There is a rocking chair and a telephone in the Gook kitchen.

+Sade says Grandpa Goggler (from Dixon) tipped his hat to a lady and fell over, [and became] a rigid corpse. The very same thing happened to Ollie Sorgut, another acquaintance of Sade's from Dixon.

+ Eisenminger was mentioned for the first time. Sade says he was seriously injured from sitting on a pencil.

+ It appears that Pelter Unbleet is now is the Hyena Grease business with Uncle Fletcher.

Russell tries to read the letter (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

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  1. I like this episode very much, and I think it shows that, in spite of the fact that David Whitehouse was never going to sound as funny as Bill Idelson, he did at least understand timing in the delivery of his lines. I suspect that's why he was cast.