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44-06-29 War Bond Visitor


Vic, Uncle Fletcher and Russell are all expecting company. But Sade puts the kabosh on their visitations by explaining that Mis' Ogelsby is coming over. Although it's oddly never said in this episode, Mis' Ogelsby is obviously the War Bond salesman for that part of the block/street/area the Gooks live in.
While not a propaganda piece as other radio programs like the Fibber McGee and Molly or Burns and Allen's forays into the subject, this episode simply uses the premise of Mis' Ogelsby coming over as a time that the family should listen closely to what the War Bond seller has to say. Cleverly done and the point made - without the propaganda - and without even mentioning it was a War Bond saleslady.  As a matter of fact, I might not have known she was a War Bond saleslady if not for the title provided with the audio episode.


+ Mis Ogelsby was mentioned for the first time. We can assume she lives in the Gook neighborhood since she is the War Bond seller for the area in which the Gooks live. She is going door-to-door selling the bonds.

+ Russell mentions Oyster Cracker's cousin Lombard again.

+ Uncle Fletcher goes on and on about Ernie McDisher of Clinton, Iowa. He liked to skulk around the Mississippi River. He and his wife, Velma Scoffburgle-McDisher live in a boxcar. Velma is cousin to Pelter Unbleet.

Ernie used to find arrowheads, strawberries, four-leaf clovers, bicycle sprocket wheels and catfish. He once cut open a catfish and found a dme, which he made into a watchfob. {{{HEAR}}}

+ Uncle Fletcher says Pelter Unbleet may have found a way to remove the smell from Hyena Grease.

Download the complete commercial-free, sound-improved episode!

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