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44-07-04 Sade Plays Rummy


Vic and Russell are playing Rummy when Sade enters the house and wants to play with them.

Once given her "tickets" she begins to gossip, drop cards and rearrange the cards into colors and never does play, frustrating her opponents.
This is neither the first nor the second episode where Sade delays a card game with her antics.


+ Before the "game" started, Sade was outside tending to flowers (her 'Panther's Blood.')

+ Sade saw Mr. Sludge and he was "washing his shoes." She also noticed he was sun-burned. She says he got it from standing in from of the dime store (Five and Teen Cent store) looking in the window for an hour. Some items in the window: combs, pencils, fancy face powder boxes, sheet music, hair pins and framed pictures of Gloria Golden.  (((HEAR)))

+ Sade mentions Mr. Scalder from Dixon, whose wife Elizabeth left him after he made wild hand gestures at her.

+ Sade recounts a game played by "Ted" Stembottom down at the foundry where the loser gets hit in the head with a sledgehammer. It may be called "Beefsteak:" {{{HEAR}}}

+ Sade says Fred is very impatient with Ruthie when they play cards.

+ Mis' Keller may move to North Dakota if she gets married and Sade is worried Uncle Fletcher will move to the Bright Kentucky Hotel, which worries her because he's have to negotiate the train tracks often.

+ Someone called again for Fat Jackson.

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