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44-07-05 Visiting Dignitaries


After finding a telegram from Honky J. Sponger (lodge headquarters) that had been sent hours earlier to his secretary, Vic rushes home from work to gather his lodge regalia and try and learn a speech from Volume 3 of his lodge library.
The avid Vic and Sade listener will find many parallels with this episode and 39-01-02 Lodge Regalia Out On Loan, except, in the latter episode, his regalia wasn't at home but lent out to several people.


+ We find out that as of this date (July 5, 1944), Sade is 36 years old. In reality, actress Bernadine Flynn was closer to 42 years old in this episode, having been born January 2, 1904.

However, in this episode, Sade's birthday is August 20th and she was already 34 years old in 1934, meaning she would have been born in 1900 instead of 1904.  Who knows?

+ The Volume 3 official lodge greeting for a dignitary:
Oh lemon-colored messenger from celestial galaxies, oh sweet-fingered zither player from the skies, let the hem of your garment touch my flesh. Scream defiance to the yellow stars and kick your heels in savage delight. Crush a crazy moon between your great white teeth and roll your eyes at the Milky Way. Stop little brother, while the red...

The above is different from the official lodge greeting for a dignitary in Volume 7 of the lodge library, which you may recall:

Oh little frenzied brother of mine, bring your clutching hand and listen for the call of the golden oriole as the maiden stands by the splashing pool as the mischevious tarantella...

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