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44-07-07 Second Letter from Yellow Jump


Sade is in a terrible hurry for she has just been reminded of a shopping date with her lady friends downtown. About the time she is about to get ready to straighten the house a bit and get dressed to go, her Uncle Fletcher shows up.

In a story that she doesn't want to hear because she is busy, he tells her that his landlady (Mis' Keller) got a second letter this week from her beau in Yellow Jump, North Dakota. This news seems to assure him that he will have to move into another place and he again has his eye on the Bright Kentucky Hotel as a place to live. Again, Sade tells him this is against her wishes - however, she is in such a hurry that she pretty much gives into him - at least for this episode.
Sade worries about how Uncle Fletcher will negotiate the railroad tracks and the "Kansas City freight drags creeping up on a person," near where the Bright Kentucky Hotel sits.


+ Sade sets up a meeting with her lady friends at the underwear department of Yamilton's department store - the frequent accidental meeting place for most every other episode.

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