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44-07-17 Marching Plans Disappear


Vic gets an exciting letter from Honky J. Sponger at lodge headquarters, that proposes a month-long All-Star Marching Band camping trip in Dismal Seepage, Ohio. Such a trip would bring much-needed publicity to the marching team.

Of course, Vic is raring to go, until his family reminds him of the various ailments of other members of the marching team and other things that could go wrong.
There's not much of anything funnier in the whole series than the All-Star Marching Team. We all know of Vic's enthusiasm for marching and so when he is shut down from this, you know he has to be heartbroken.

Vic doesn't give a second thought of spending the whole hot month of August in a Chataqua tent, with two people to a cot. He doesn't even seem to think about the money lost from taking a whole month off from Consolidated Kitchenware. Face it: the joys of marching are a drug to Vic.


+ Russell says Smelly Clark and Blue Tooth Johnson were almost in a fist fight. We never do learn what caused the anger between the two but the instigator seems to have been Archie McDuffer, a mean, big kid who was at Tatman's vacant lot.

+ We find that Monroe and Lee Streets intersect somewhere near the vacant lot.

+ Among the events we have missed (due to missing episodes) are Homer U. McDancey is in the hospital for an unspecified ailment; Y.Y. Flirch had his foot broken when a fast passenger train hit him and Robert and Slobert Hink and Vic are on the outs - Vic even went so far as to call them, "crooks."

+ The way Sade talked, E.W. Smith may also be a part of the All-Star Marching Team. He would be the 11th member, but someone could have quit or maybe someone lost their position. Russell makes mention that there are [still] only 10 members of the team.

+ Russell read that Dismal Seepage, Ohio reaches an average high temperature of 115 degrees in August and has 80 mosquitoes per square foot of air.

+ At the end of the episode, a dejected Vic goes over to Ike Kneesuffer's to pass time playing indoor horseshoes. Vic often does this when he is disappointed.

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