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44-07-24 Robert and Slobert Are Scoundrels!


Vic is upset!

Honky J. Sponger, the lodge secretary from Chicago, visits Vic briefly at the train depot and asks Vic why Robert and Slobert Hink are out to undermine him and his position on the All-Star Marching Team.

Vic learns the twins have tried hard to bribe Sponger into making them the leaders of the Team, going as far as to give him a barrel of cooking apples, homemade mucilage, a gunny sack of cured hickory nuts and $3.00 in cash to have Vic thrown out of power. They also wrote dozens of letters to lodge headquarters.
Vic is so angry that he plans on writing the twins a blistering letter.


+ In Russell's baseball game at Tatman's vacant lot, he was playing center field.

+ Sade's feet are aching; she bets that she and Ruthie Stembottom walked 5 miles.

+ A rarity: Vic does not give his usual "hi-dee-hi ho-dee-ho" entrance.

+ Vic has a new straw hat.

+ Sade calls Sponger, "Chunky G. Plunger"... {{{HEAR}}}

+ In episode 44-07-17 Marchin' Plans Disappear, we find out there is trouble between the Hinks and Vic but we have no idea what has happened between them. In this episode, we get a fill-in of at least the gist of what happened; the Hinks invited the entire Marching Team to Hoopston, Illinois for some sort of get together - but Vic wasn't among the invited.

+ Sponger tells Vic that the twins have promised Marching Team improvements, including installing gold teeth (uppers and lowers) in each members' mouths.

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  1. I love that all gold teeth are considered a pleasing sight. And the haphazard list of rewards the Hink brothers cook up to entie Honkey J. Sponger, all the loose change and everything.

  2. Seems gold teeth have gone the 360 degree route...