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44-07-25 Mr. Donahue Hates Vacations


Sade has come home after having a talk with Mis' Donahue. She says Mr. Donahue bemoans the fact that is vacation is near. He hates taking a vacation because his railroad schedule (awake at night and sleeping in the daytime) turns his life upside down when he tries to stay awake in the day and sleep at night.
Not a memorable episode but still, not bad Vic and Sade fare.


+ Russell reads extensively from an unnamed Third Lieutenant Stanley book (more than two and half minutes of airtime.) Other than the mushy stuff with Lady Margaret, the Third Lieutenant has his hands full with two mountain lions, a lizard and head-hunting counterfeiters. His weapon arsenal is impressive: two automatic revolvers, a dagger, a pound of dynamite, a pile of poison, a length of stout twine, a sealed drum of deadly gas, a flask of acid, a basket of [unintelligible], a jar containing a black widow spider and a leather case full of straight-edged razors. (edited): {{{HEAR}}}

+ In the book, Lady Margaret has a solid gold, diamond-studded bottle of smelling salts.

+ Sade says Mr. Donahue hates leisure and prefers to be busy with his hands.

+ Mis' Donahue's parents live in Pontiac, Illinois.

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  1. I love how merciless Vic is in this one, sticking to his opinion that Mr. Donahue's view is silly right up to the end, till Sade leaves the room because she's tired of his unsympathetic ear- "Going out there to have a quiet little cry?". Hilarious! Usually he'll try and make his point and finally gives up when he realizes it's hopeless and doesn't want to start a fight. Here though he just keeps going. Although, maybe Vic felt that Sade didn't give him as much sympathy as she seemed to give these other guys- Mr. Donahue, Fred Stembottom. She often commented about how hard they were working, and once in a while Vic would pipe in that they don't work any harder than he does, though she never quite seemed to think it was the same situation.